A thoughtful and thorough analysis ran this morning on Fivethirtyeight.

The upshot:  lots of evidence that the rightword political tilt of conservative Protestantism over the past three decades has had the consequence of driving moderate and liberal voters away from religion and toward the Democratic party.  This, of course, has led to claims that the Democrats are increasingly “godless.”

The social science behind this is all good, except, this analysis goes where most of those studies go–to suggest that the effects of this will be large-scale drift away from religion. And, indeed, as younger people–even younger Evangelicals–are driven away by this politicization–there may be effects in this direction.

But, most of this work equates “religion” with institutional religion.

A voice from the world of media and religion scholarship: mine.  That is not the only possible consequence.  There is lots of evidence that there are non-institutional, public-media-based places where people can and do find religion.