I’ve written frequently here about the way National Public Radio covers religion.  Regular readers will recall that I have tended to be more critical than congratulatory.  In the spirit of fairness, I decided to day to note a story that ran this morning that was well-handled.  Today, Barbara Bradley Haggerty covered an initiative by the Liberty Council, which was started years ago as the “Liberty Lobby” by Jerry Falwell.  They are praying for liberal leaders “…to be restored to right thinking….”  Haggerty’s story was clear, straightforward, and even a bit humorous and ironic.  The latter elements were contributed by Barney Frank and Barry Lynn, both of whom are reportedly targets of this prayer onslaught.  Along with the humor, she did give the head of the Council a fair hearing in the context of the reportage.

Not a huge story, but an interesting and clear one.